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  1. styla

    Update 4_09 troubles

    backup restored, sorry for waiting
  2. server was restarted, new IP and must wait a bit to propagate....
  3. 1. When you have this error ? All the time? 2. Gproxy is allowed in firewall?
  4. there is a test for 1 hour, imba will be back
  5. sure, please post your gproxy.cfg without password
  6. styla


    this version is not updated and many crashes
  7. you have exploited a vulnerability for which you have to pay with that ban.
  8. moderators cant unban if you dont make an unban request
  9. styla

    Gproxy ingame.ro

    VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE https://www.youtube.com/embed/CWFqRLun2pc
  10. styla


    I updated the tutorial with video, pls read again: GPROXY TUTORIAL
  11. styla


    @Silviu XT Mariutz server = wc3.theabyss.ru Gproxy don't work with iccup client. you must close it when use gproxy. @monkeydluffy go to LAN, not Battle.net Please read the TUTORIAL!
  12. styla


    copy/paste dont atach the file
  13. styla


    post here your gproxy.cfg without password
  14. Update: Unavailable. How to host other map(s): Available only for roots, join in chanell /imba and write: to activate auto host for imba, use again command !ah !ah <m> <p> <n> auto host up to <m> games, auto starting when <p> players have joined, with name <n>, leave blank or "off" to disable auto hosting but first load the map: Note: game name must include "imbalod" and dont write long names. LE: added config for latest Imba version, so !load mimya17c but idk the modes, i tryed -zmrsp and is not the best, there is a mod not inculded in description - a kind dm and all is random.
  15. styla


    You must install the gproxy
  16. Starting today, the new registered players must use our gproxy to play imba. Maybe it stops creating new accounts and help to better balance.
  17. Please report them here https://ingame.ro/Stats/Reports/ its easy to ban in this interface for serb: http://prntscr.com/k46tou
  18. styla

    invalid username

    you must change the realm at #3 instead of ingame.go.ro change it to wc3.theabyss.ru you join from iccup, right? warning, DO NOT leave empty spaces after password or username Do NOT use special charchters like # " ` in password
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