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  1. i have backups, glad to help
  2. @ c0urage Please use your main forum account. Downlaod the gproxy again.
  3. Tutorial made it for ICCUP players. Or for XPAM players. 1. Click to "Register new account" or "Connect your Account" 2. Choose "Link and verify existing account" 3. Write your ICCUP acount name and select wc3.theabyss.ro, then click "Save" 4. Click on Verify "NIckname" now 5. Now you must copy one by one the following 2 commands: 6. Open ICCUP client and join in IMBA hostbot (if is connencted to iccup) 7. Now paste the first command /w ingamero !sc the spoof check 8. Now the second, your uniq verify code. After you enter the code you can see writed "Your w3 account is now connected to your forum account" 9. Now you have account CONFIRMED. All done
  4. 1. Click to "Connect your Account" 2. Choose Register new account to INGAME realm 3. Fill with your nickname and password. Attention! You can make only one account. Only admins, moderators or donators and can have multiple accounts. 4. Account is confirmed, you can use in gproxy.cfg
  5. For a better management of w3 accounts (ingame PVPGN server) all accounts will be deleted. When you want to log in with Gproxy, and your account does not exist, it means that it was erased and you can make it again. If you play from INGAME realm you must register your nick again like in this topic, you can register only one nickname. If you join from ICCUP or XPAM then link your iccup account to your ingame forum account. Stats are not affected, its just a simple re-registration. Excuses for the created discomfort.
  6. hi, post here your gprofy.cfg (delete password)
  7. styla


    can you make a print?
  8. Version 20046


    IMBA_20046 is the last mimya version of IMBA compatible with 1.26 patch . Not translated.
  9. Our Discord is https://discord.gg/u94gTWw
  10. Now Donators can manage Ban Appeals/Reports and special access to bot panel. http://prntscr.com/mu0r80 http://prntscr.com/mu0tev
  11. @AndreiRO and TR cant make new accounts, because there are some players who can't play only one account,they really like to f@@k game balance soon IT too, panbaravo friend is same like karakx or Syb_Loyth
  12. This method is outdated https://ingame.ro/webregister Now you can register and auto verify account here: https://ingame.ro/Stats/BnetConnections/
  13. The connection to Iccup realm is back BUT the Gproxy is not longer compatible. That's mean the gproxy forced players must join from ingame realm for imba games. Update! Players entering iCCup have a great chance of being desync'ed. Players joined from ingame realm players aren't droped or desync'ed and they can to recconect to game when have network problems if they use our gproxy tool.
  14. man, whats is that? If u want fast unban here are the unban request area https://ingame.ro/Stats/Appeals/
  15. you forgot to say you were banned
  16. You should post in dedicated topic and vote for ur opinion.
  17. styla

    Gproxy ingame.ro

    is not gproxy fault, its ICCUP updates. Try with iccup client and check the game list, is the same situation. In ingame realm (ingame.go.ro) all work fine
  18. styla


    ICCUP make some updates, so use ingame.go.ro realm.
  19. I do not answer pm to players who make a new account weekly. Player must have 700 + games.
  20. It seems the iccup developers made some updates and ourbot is seen much less. I recommend using the ingame.go.ro realm in gproxy to see the bot instantly. You can register here: https://ingame.ro/Stats/BnetConnections/ or here https://ingame.ro/webregister/
  21. https://ingame.ro/Stats/Reports/
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