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  1. styla

    too much lag

    check the network, close torrents etc...
  2. styla

    Furion Wrath Bug

    This can be a map bug and need a gamelink
  3. install gproxy, then we see the reason
  4. Hi, make a print with your ban
  5. styla

    Admins rules

    what you mean? now I saw ur post....
  6. styla

    open İMBA MODE

    Play on our hostbot
  7. You need a new folder with fresh installed w3
  8. salamon, are you brother with Kosms?
  9. After some tests, the hostbot has new features: 1. Disconnect detector. If a player (not admin) have more than 20 10 disconnects (not deync or know errors) per month then he will be bannend and reset to 5 discconects. 2. Leavears will be banned by GUID machine ID, that's better than IP address. 3. Players who are disconnected during the game are automatically added to the gproxy list. Still testing, please report any bug on Discord, thank you.
  10. выпущена новая версия 4,15 Я надеюсь, что все в порядке
  11. выпущена новая версия 4,15 Я надеюсь, что все в порядке
  12. Автообновление еще не работает, пожалуйста, загрузите его вручную здесь
  13. 1. when you joined last time? 2. Try again now, I need to check logs and fix it 3. Redownload gproxy and try again. 4. If not work, try to join from other PC with 64 bit 5. Your windows is 32 or 64 bit? 6. If you dont have other PC, reinstall windows 64 bit
  14. English pls, you have already gproxy? What windows you have? XP, 8, 10?
  15. This is beta map and not work for iccup players. Is a test
  16. We added dedicated forums for Russian speakers. Work in progress . https://ingame.ro/forum/18-русские-форумы/
  17. Your nick should be identical in LAN and in gproxy.cfg
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