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  1. Can be your connection too, anyway bot are restarted when somthing is wrong.
  2. account name for ingame realm is not valid, http://prntscr.com/ojbx19 "omkviktor @ yande" is not valid, try register again this nick: omkviktor
  3. no, only from ingame or xpam
  4. Hi, you joined in Local Area Network ? Probably you joined in Battle.net
  5. styla

    Gproxy - No login

    you writed wrong password
  6. 2 players one PC? Tell me teh nick
  7. PM me on discord, i will check your network
  8. uninstall all vpn applications, then check your IP, must be all ok
  9. install gproxy, play without vypr vpn,
  10. master know/played from this account. L.E. 2 Can you explain how Master logged in with his account from your PC?
  11. 3 months. if u want to speak with me conact BornCancer. Thank you
  12. Come to discord, i need more details. LE: If i remember right, you have a gproxy.mix in w3 folder, delete it
  13. is not work for iccup, change server to ingame.go.ro
  14. show a print with the error
  15. styla

    unban me

    You forgot to say about the other accounts.
  16. styla

    Admins rules

    wrong topic, but if a player leaves, yes, is a ban reason.
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