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  1. Game playing rules: 1. If a player is kicked or rage quits, you are NOT allowed to just take all the items for yourself without asking first. Ask your team if you can have a specific item or team sell. Sometimes the other players will say that you can have it all because they have all they need. But you have to ask first. 2. Ban when a player destroys his items and then leave. General infos:stats are recorded, leaver kills arent recorded. Please don't invoke the old rules or fake forum rules. Please don't invoke" Roshan killing from edge"!
  2. welcome back(here) i'm glad to hear that, fly and me, we worked a lot for this forum, but still help to port important topics from old forum. We must to add some features, little custom patches. Did you see gallery? nice avatar, i like it!
  3. Welcome all to the new forum! thanks to flyangel for helping!
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