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  1. Theresa are some changes in the bot side. Please contact me on discord.
  2. can i see a proof? A phone video or somthing?
  3. You need to set up the w3 path.
  4. Read description: "This patch dont work on ICCUP realm."
  5. Told you https://ingame.ro/Stats/Appeals/ and an admin will take ur case
  6. Already i removed rights to ban/unban/start/close/swap. If i remove mute command and the right to leave he (eco) will be a regular player.
  7. styla

    Need BAN

    is his right to have an opinion about lag and bugs, what he did?
  8. eco lost his rights to kick/ban/start/swap/close. now he can only mute or leave
  9. that's happen when server are restarted and DNS arent updated, in 5 minutes until 2 hours, DNS must be propagated
  10. in this case keep gproxy.cfg and delete all files from gproxy folder, then download gproxy and replace with your gproxy.cfg
  11. you tryed to update an old version. Just download last version from here
  12. make a print with error and add here
  13. styla

    Imba Ban

    you have 4 leaves now per acount, take care i will not doing this again!
  14. styla

    Imba Ban

    here is the explanation in you case the SUM of fake accounts are: http://prntscr.com/ovhras
  15. Dear Marlin, like ban description said, is made for all your clones, is a SUM. lets take a look for this mounth: http://prntscr.com/ovhcb5 you have a SUM with 15 leaves: -5 leaves with nick chavez -10 leaves with [marlin23] Now , if you join after ban expired (after 2 days) with with nick chavez your leaves are reset to 5 for nick chavez and SUM will be again 15 if you join after ban expired (after 2 days) with with nick [marlin23]your leaves are reset to 5 for nick [marlin23] and SUM will be 10 IF you play with one account only then you can play after 2 days of ban because there are no SUM with fake accounts. I hope all are clear.
  16. Forum password is not important. You must check in gproxy.cfg for a space in password field
  17. @Vegito decent language is very important, so the subject is closed from the beginning.
  18. styla


    next time pls post in RU forums. You need to write the w3 installation folder.
  19. styla


    install winrar
  20. bot stats work from first link.
  21. the second link is not finished, there are some problems
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