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  1. styla

    Gproxy ingame.ro

    Version 4.09


    Gproxy used by ingame.ro players. This version use extended protocol by h3rmit for patch 1.26 ! Works with ingame and XPAM realms! Don't use on iCCup because you can be banned! Video tutorial:
  2. styla

    ICCUP connection

    The connection to Iccup realm is back BUT the Gproxy is not longer compatible. That's mean the gproxy forced players must join from ingame realm for imba games. Players joined from iccup will be desync'ed. The game is very rare visible in gamelist. There are discussions with Iccup developers about remedying these inconveniences but i dont know when will be done.
  3. For a better experience please use the new Ban appeal interface https://ingame.ro/Stats/Appeals/ Note, Players must verify the account https://ingame.ro/Stats/BnetConnections/ then to make a ban appeal. If you have dynamic IP and you do not have the verified account, then the forum can't detect you are banned and you can't make a ban appeal!! Garena users still can't verify the account. They must write in this topic an unbann request. If you are banned for MH, don't try to lie. We really can detect in 97% of cases!
  4. styla

    DotA Imba Legends

    Version 6.63t8


    Know issues: - some combinations of skills can't be picked (and are not forbidden combinations). - new heroes skills aren't balanced (too weak)
  5. styla

    PvPgn Realms

    Version 6


    Registry file to update Battle.net with PVPGN realms. How to install realms: Download file and run it. Note. If you join into Offical realms or Playground realm, the realm list will be reset and you must run registry file again.
  6. styla

    Unban request [03.07.2018]

    man, whats is that? If u want fast unban here are the unban request area https://ingame.ro/Stats/Appeals/
  7. styla


  8. I do not answer pm to players who make a new account weekly. Player must have 700 + games.
  9. styla

    About new accounts

    you forgot to say you were banned
  10. styla

    Zeus + Atropos Banned

    You should post in dedicated topic and vote for ur opinion.
  11. styla

    Zeus+Bane ult

    ok, next update
  12. styla

    Gproxy ingame.ro

    is not gproxy fault, its ICCUP updates. Try with iccup client and check the game list, is the same situation. In ingame realm (ingame.go.ro) all work fine
  13. styla


    ICCUP make some updates, so use ingame.go.ro realm.
  14. It seems the iccup developers made some updates and ourbot is seen much less. I recommend using the ingame.go.ro realm in gproxy to see the bot instantly. You can register here: https://ingame.ro/Stats/BnetConnections/ or here https://ingame.ro/webregister/
  15. To survive as a community support is needed. Unfortunately after 8 years, I can no longer provide free admin and maybe in that way we can save the community and make new map updates. Super admin: 9 8 euro/month. Acces to kick, ban, swap, deny. You have Admin acces and Reserved included. Admin: 6 euro/month. Acces to start, open, close, mute. You have Reserved included. UnavailableReserved: 3 euro/month. Reserved slot. He can join when games is full, but not stared yet! Unavailable Donation link: https://ingame.ro/donate/make-donation/ Note! Admin requirements: min. 100 games or must be a know pro player. Extra rules for admins ________________________________________________________ I'm waiting for any suggestion or criticism in this topic.
  16. styla

    We will host LOD

    Coming soon, a bot with the map: http://legendsofdota.com/index.php?/files/file/97-dota-685m1-lod/
  17. styla

    Install Gproxy. Russian Language

    We need a russian/ukrainean to translate and write here.
  18. styla

    MH Gadang

  19. styla

    Update 4_09 troubles

    backup restored, sorry for waiting
  20. styla

    Бан за оскорбления

  21. styla

    gproxy does not work

    server was restarted, new IP and must wait a bit to propagate....
  22. Now you can create an account @ingame.go.ro Realm https://ingame.ro/Stats/BnetConnections/
  23. styla


    Version v.1.03


  24. styla

    help me