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  1. unban me please, i dont know what i do!! I PLAYING IMBA IN THE GAME CLUB. 

  2. Theresa are some changes in the bot side. Please contact me on discord.
  3. Hi! Styla unban me please. Ban reason is connection lost i dont know why. My enthernet is 4G. I think problem on the server

    Снимок экрана (19).png

  4. can i see a proof? A phone video or somthing?
  5. You need to set up the w3 path.
  6. Read description: "This patch dont work on ICCUP realm."
  7. Told you https://ingame.ro/Stats/Appeals/ and an admin will take ur case
  8.  i lost my internet connection and i gave automatic ban

    so i want to unban my account apexonur95

    i dont write at at site because i forgot my email adress thank you for supportingimage0.jpg.e0692a3ba2b3c3e2b7456cccbb32cc6d.jpg

  9. Already i removed rights to ban/unban/start/close/swap. If i remove mute command and the right to leave he (eco) will be a regular player.
  10. styla

    Need BAN

    is his right to have an opinion about lag and bugs, what he did?
  11. eco lost his rights to kick/ban/start/swap/close. now he can only mute or leave
  12. Unban please! Dear Admin! Nothing if administrative (c0urage) violates "rules of the staff"?? then during the game I flew in the ban, "alleged" for the AFC, though at this point I mined the forest. Left a request for unbanning, but still, your admin with delusions of grandeur thought that I shouldn't play they might be in their and without it no long-term free time, thus brought a lot of inconvenience! Why do these morons do enjoy the rights of administrators? extremely outraged by this situation. I ask For your help to deal with this incident. why admins ban for no reason? or for an imaginary reason?! I applied for a UNban, attached a replay. I was banned for what I mined the forest?! IS THAT FAIR??? PLEASE! take action against your administrators who distribute the ban for no reason.

    c0rage eblan.w3g

  13. that's happen when server are restarted and DNS arent updated, in 5 minutes until 2 hours, DNS must be propagated
  14. in this case keep gproxy.cfg and delete all files from gproxy folder, then download gproxy and replace with your gproxy.cfg
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