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Чтобы избежать отключений от игры, мы рекомендуем использовать наш gproxy. Таким образом вы можете наслаждаться тихой и спокойной игрой, без дисконнектов, которые, к сожалению, происходят из-за несовместимости клиента iccup с чистым патчем Warcraft 1.26b. 

Это временное решение, пока разработчики iccup не исправят его


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    Version 4.09


    Gproxy used by ingame.ro players. This version use extended protocol by h3rmit for patch 1.26 ! Works with ingame and XPAM realms! Don't use on iCCup because you can be banned! Video tutorial:
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    Version 6.63t12


    Know issues: - some combinations of skills can't be picked (and are not forbidden combinations). - new heroes skills aren't balanced (too weak)
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    For a fast unban and a better experience please use the new Ban appeal interface https://ingame.ro/Stats/Appeals/ Banned players must see this warning (banned IP detected): http://prntscr.com/mo3iwh and this for registered players with linked accounts http://prntscr.com/mo3p9h UPDATE: If forum applciations don't detect banned players, then post in this topic a ban appeal. Note, Players must verify the account https://ingame.ro/Stats/BnetConnections/ then to make a ban appeal. If you have dynamic IP and you do not have the verified account, then the forum can't detect you are banned and you can't make a ban appeal!! Garena users still can't verify the account. They must write in this topic an unbann request. If you are banned for MH, don't try to lie. We really can detect in 97% of cases!
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    The Dota 2 Bucharest Minor finals will take place from Jan. 9-13. Eight teams from around the world will compete for $300K and 500 DPC points. It’s the third event of the Dota Pro Circuit 2018-19 schedule, and follows November’s Kuala Lumpur Major. The Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2018-19 season will hold its first event of 2019 in Bucharest, Romania, as PGL announced the Bucharest Minor for Jan. 9-13. Held at PGL Studios, The Bucharest Minor will award a $300K prize pool and 500 total DPC points, with the winning team taking home $125,000 and 120 DPC points from those respective tallies. Secretlab, a gaming and computer chair company, is the first announced partner for the event.
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    Гпрокси что делает! я играю Икуп уже 5 лет. Лод имба не пускает меня. Так не случилось никогда. Нет канал который вы сказали. (всё равно не читает отзыви)
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    https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=94862 when understund that can`t def...simple kick player kentavr without reason and banned him 7:49 was kicked by player [karakx] aftter that kick another players without reason 8:05 was kicked by player [karakx] 8:13 was kicked by player [karakx] in half games he do what he want...muted player,kicked and banned its without any reasons
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    1. Moderators can unban players from forum if they make a ban appeal. 2. New bot command !onlys from only skill allowed or shorted !os For example !os 3.10 will allow in lobby only player with skill bigger than 3.10, lower will be denied for current lobby.
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    Then everyone will leave as soon as they don't have Tide, Magnus, Ursa, Traxex, Mortred Better idea : ban for a short time when a player disconnect, doesn't matter the reason, as a punishment for having suck network / unplug
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    Game: https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=77507 We were winning but Eco's frustrations was through the roof. I was kicked for no reason. I was not afk or something,just pushing through enemy base. 6 day / week I can not play because I work day and night. 1 day / week i have a little time to play with you guys,but every time some frustrated admin makes his own rules. STYLER please next time give admin more carefully. Tks.
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    really? took the Riki, the liquid fire....and pushed line....when i starting deffing and you understand that can`t stop me or kill - you kicked me with weak reason (better without of reason) and another player who prevented you from winning - they was glitched too? o yes of course necr aura - of course it good reason too kick player too so - kicking in all games players and after wrote reason - "I can kill him so i will kick him" for example https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=94960 -5 players kicked.....again 5 glitched heroes? or you want win? next https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=94397 kicked 2 players from your team and taked their iteams (which is a violation of the rules) The result use of admin rights in their own interests for your own victory and statistics no respect for players
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    leavers should be not banned , if a player leave im happy he give up i beat him , why ban , should be free game , ban should be just mh , antigame and so on but no leaving . leaving is a free choice of every player , give him that . release the players from the prison " i cant leave cuz i get banned " . no more rage , flaming , wasting time afk or unplug your net connection just simply use your natural right to leave game as a kind of early or unipersonal "FF" . please all who read this leave a comment and a final sugestion for Styla :why not try for a while no ban leaving see how it is . thanks
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    Unban pls my w3 crash after 30min nick Tipomipo Autobanned after 30m in "imbaLOD ~452" 4*v2 on (10:04:26 PM Monday 23-April-2018 ) Realm: iccup | UZ"
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    Dream ui - file to display xp\mp reg not affecting in any way the process of the game and hack is not considered
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    how to install the program
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    is allready added and improved but only for 1.26 map.
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    I work with Cisco Engineers and I help manage an ISP.
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    First you need to download the realm.reg to register list of realms https://ingame.ro/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=209 Execute it. Then you can start to launch War3. IMPORTANT: Realms are no longer accessible with patch 1.27b, you must return to patch 1.27a or 1.26 in order to create account Register account through the game and not from their/our web 1. Launch the game using w3l.exe 2. Choose a gateway then login to bnet. This step needs to be done only once 3. Create account and follow whatever instruction that follows : username/pw/email, etc 4. Scroll down in order to valid the agreement then start creating account. Then you can play immediately or use ingame gproxy to play 5. You need to login for the first time the normal way, without gproxy first because the server will ask you to register your email. Then you can configure your gproxy realms and version etc.. w3l.exe
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    Hey all, Just like the map, the site has to have changes, in order not to become monotonous (boring and repetitive). Personally I think the new looks is AWESOME. I'm glad the Styler has not gotten bored of us yet To all the oldies/regulars, glad to see you all still around, to all the new peeps joining... Welcome, we hope you guys enjoy the ingame experience. We all here to have fun! DS
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    Also, some simple forum rules:Don't flame: it's annoying and isn't needed. We will try to help you in what ever way that we can as soon as we can. We work so we cannot be on 24/7... Don't ask a Mod through private message to unban!!!!!!!: Please post your Unban request in, "Unban IMBA legends players".Weblink to "Unban IMBA legends players", https://ingame.ro/viewtopic.php?f=157&t=583DO NOT disrespect We take our time to make Dota imba a more fair game to play, and ingame is currently the only person coding Dota Imba. So updates will be slow, but be patient...And lastDon't ask when something will be finished: You have to remember that the team associated with coding Dota Imba is very limited... Same with the web page that you are currently viewing! Thank ingamero for keeping Dota Imba updated and the Web page. If you have any questions, ask away in here! Questions We will try to answer any questions in here if they are reasonable... This is all for now, I'd like to thank the members for reviving the Dota Imba LoD community!
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    Welcome all to the new forum! thanks to flyangel for helping!