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    Version 6.63t14


    Know issues: - some combinations of skills can't be picked (and are not forbidden combinations). - new heroes skills aren't balanced (too weak)
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    Stupid move, that combo is Imba, but we are playing "IMBA", if you bann this combo, you should bann Zeus + Furion, Axe + Nevermore, Pig + Cent, Tiny + Cent, and so on. That is all imba combos, and my Good, We are playing regular dota not "IMBA DOTA", I say again "IMBA". Sometimes you get IMBA sometimes you got little bit less IMBA. Stop making Regular Dota from this Great thing..
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    It's not even that good because of long cooldown. Other combos better than zeus + bane off top of my head Ursa+magnus Ursa+alch Drow+alch Drow+SA SA+abaddon SA+tiny SA+cent SA+feast slark+balanar Nevermore+reversepolarity sniper/rangeskill+ursa Tiny+phoenix Cent+tiny/phoenix Greed+necro Necro + trap Necro+mines alch+timelock Slark/magina+DK luna+troll+phoenix Disperse+cent liquidfire+wrath
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    ok, next update
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