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Чтобы избежать отключений от игры, мы рекомендуем использовать наш gproxy. Таким образом вы можете наслаждаться тихой и спокойной игрой, без дисконнектов, которые, к сожалению, происходят из-за несовместимости клиента iccup с чистым патчем Warcraft 1.26b. 
Вы можете скачать gproxy по этой ссылке: https://ingame.ro/files/file/14-gproxy-ingamero/

Используйте тот же Логин и Пароль, который используете в iccup.


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    Version 4.08


    Gproxy used by ingame.ro players. This version use extended protocol by h3rmit.
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    there is a test for 1 hour, imba will be back
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    UPDATE for the cheaters\Mh do not agree to the unban.
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    Version 6


    Registry file to update Battle.net with PVPGN realms. How to install realms: Download file and run it. Note. If you join into Offical realms or Playground realm, the realm list will be reset and you must run registry file again.
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    Для большего удобства, пожалуйста, используйте новый интерфейс подачи заявок на разбан: https://ingame.ro/Stats/Appeals/ Заметка: Игроки должны подтвердить свой аккаунт по ссылке: ( https://ingame.ro/Stats/BnetConnections/ ),и только потом подавать заявку. Если у вас динамический IP, и у вас не подтвержден аккаунт, тогда на форуме будет непонятно, что вы забанены, и вы не сможете подать заявку на разбан! Пользователи Garena тоже не смогут подтвердить свой аккаунт. Они должны подать свою заявку на разбан в этом разделе. Оставляйте заявки на разбан на английском языке, в ином случае, есть вероятность, что вашу заявку не рассмотрят. Eсли вы забанены за Maphack - не пытайтесь нас обмануть. Мы обнаруживаем его в 97% случаев!
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    Hello. Let's take a walk step by step: To begin with, you must have Warcraft version 1.26 installed . If you do not have it installed, you can download it here: Download Warcraft III 1.26 You can have both versions of the game on PC, 1.26 and 128.x, for the realm of INGAME you need 1.26. 1. Create a new account in the realm of INGAME using web registration here:https://ingame.ro/webregister/ OR you can play for any realm of version 1.26, from such as: iccup, rubattle or w3eurobattle. 2. Download the latest version of Gproxy from here: DOWNLOAD Unzip the files and open the gproxy.cfg file (for example, using notepad). Replace the address with the game warcraft 3 installed on your computer: For example, in my case it's C : \ Program files (x86) \ Warcraft III \ You need to replace it with yours, the one that you have on your PC. 3 . Now write down your registered user name (for example, below is styla) and the password ( styla0123 ). These should be the ones you created in step 1. Save the document. 4. Now run gproxy.exe. Go to the LAN and wait 20 seconds to see the imba game. Info: if you have a router, then forward port 6325. Benefits: Now you are on the safe list (you can join when the lobby is completely full) and you can not be thrown out if the admin joins the crowded lobby . Only for administrators. Protection against loss of connection in case your network or router reboots. Checking Auto spoof while joining the lobby. Also you get the statuses of current games. No more accusations of using MapHack because now it's easy for an administrator to check using the command! Scan name. The team whisper: You must use / re for the answer, not / r. Notes: There is a rare problem with gproxy, sometimes a gray window appears in w3, the mouse pointer disappears, and you can not play. The In this case, simply unplug and reconnect the network cable. You will be in the game again. The scan function is not 100% accurate. New countries are added to the list : A1 Spoke of forced-players: openstats /? Gproxy
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    To survive as a community support is needed. Unfortunately after 8 years, I can no longer provide free admin and maybe in that way we can save the community and make new map updates. Super admin: 9 8 euro/month. Acces to kick, ban, swap, deny. You have Admin acces and Reserved included. Admin: 6 euro/month. Acces to start, open, close, mute. You have Reserved included. UnavailableReserved: 3 euro/month. Reserved slot. He can join when games is full, but not stared yet! Unavailable Donation link: https://ingame.ro/donate/make-donation/ Note! Admin requirements: min. 100 games or must be a know pro player. Extra rules for admins ________________________________________________________ I'm waiting for any suggestion or criticism in this topic.
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    @Aziz Anvarov state your War3 version, server, name of hoster, your IGN PM if you need help
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    how to install the program