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  2. We added dedicated forums for Russian speakers. Work in progress . https://ingame.ro/forum/18-русские-форумы/
  3. Your nick should be identical in LAN and in gproxy.cfg
  4. Yesterday
  5. Заново создай аккаунт свой, с тем же логином и паролем во вкладке Игровые аккаунты
  6. Last week
  7. i have backups, glad to help
  8. hmm, can I somehow change pwd? when started proxy the msg says : incorrect password, but I bet I have correct one
  9. Thank you very much Styla! Now I am able to login with my original user name.
  10. @ c0urage Please use your main forum account. Downlaod the gproxy again.
  11. Guest

    gproxy doesn't accept pw

    war3path = D:\Games\Warcraft III\ username = c0urage2 password = ***** server = ingame.go.ro war3version = 26 protectpassword = **** passwordhashtype = pvpgn cdkeyroc = FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF cdkeytft = FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF channel = smoke port = 6325 exeversion = exeversionhash = term_width = 135 term_height = 52 curses_splitview = 1 curses_listtype = 1 I can not play a single game without being dropped at some time, without using gProxy.
  12. киньте сюда файл gproxy.cfg удалите пароль
  13. Guest

    gproxy doesn't accept pw

    Not all works. As I mentioned above, I can't join using gprxy, I can join only using ingame ro gateway directly from warcraft.
  14. Если у вас всё работает, зачем создавать лишние проблемы?
  15. вы всё сделали по инструкции?
  16. Guest

    gproxy doesn't accept pw

    Passwords are not recognized anymore. I created a new forum account and a new ingame ro W3 account and I still see "Logon failed. Invalid password" message in gProxy.
  17. по ссылке перейди и опиши проблему
  18. кого искать там? vk
  19. ты есть вк ? https://vk.me/join/AJQ1d7C/RQzoBFT8U0fpWJWp запрыгни в чат, я тебе там быстрей помогу
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