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  4. разбаньте пожалуйста.... не знаю за что забанили !!!! nick Farik778
  5. unban me please, i dont know what i do!! I PLAYING IMBA IN THE GAME CLUB. 

  6. please unban me, i playing in the game club, i dont know why my acount is banned? pleeease i want playing
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  8. Мужики разбаньте плз айпи. Я с компьютерного клуба сижу, тут какой-то кроколако312 въебался на автобан, а я терь катнуть не могу. Пожалуйста.
  9. Theresa are some changes in the bot side. Please contact me on discord.
  10. Playing for the past year, never once disconnect and rarely any lag issues except when it's entire server related. However for the past week until today, almost every game, the lag will spike up to 10,000-23,000 ping where it's frozen in game for 5 minutes or more, and afterwards okay. Every single game, same problem. Can play for a few minutes with 160ping, which is alright, but will meet the "frozen lag" sooner or later. Just now, game start, first second, disconnect from the game. Never had these issues before, until now. Any fix for this? Other users also facing this?
  11. Реакция администрации просто сверх пиздата....
  12. https://ingame.ro/Stats/RecentGames/?do=single&id=190485 Check Game Log for instance. Racist remarks about Russians. I dont care. But yet.
  13. admin Quartz banned me just like that, offended by the fact that he is a cancer and a bot.could give maximum Mut.why did they think they were kings???this discrimination is simple players!!! админ Qartz забанил меня просто так,обиделся на то,что он рак и бот.мог дать максимум мут.почему они себя возамнили царями???это дискриминация простых игроков!!!
  14. Hi! Styla unban me please. Ban reason is connection lost i dont know why. My enthernet is 4G. I think problem on the server

    Снимок экрана (19).png

  15. behruz

    DotA Imba Legends

    здраствуйте почемуто меня забанили в имбе прошу чтобы меня разбанили ник: mustacho655
  16. When will Dota Imba Legends be converted to play on Warcraft 3 reforged using there map editor? This is a question more for Ingame(Admin Map Developement Team)
  17. Доброго времени суток, на вопрос фф ? отказался писать, за что игрок - courage, дал мне бан, что тут твориться ? мой ник в игре - ng3
  18. HEYY İMBA PLAYERSS, C0URAGE İS NOOOB AND WHEN HE LOSEE BAN MEEE. i am so bored for that. ty for your attention
  19. serb.     c0URAGE AGAİN BAN ME BECAUSE OF İ WİNNN   29/122019    18.24   PLS UNBA

  20. i think you need to remove the rules where admin cand swap and the difference not more then 0,15....because this zerith and dreamseeka never respect that rull whats the point in having that rule? 4.24 vs 3.86 because of swaping before start...difference of only 0,38 4. Admins can swap players , BUT score must be balanced and all players agree: difference is not greater than/or equal to 0.20 0.12
  21. не могу зайти в имбу, пишет не удалось присоеденится, хотя место в игре есть
  22. Alex


    Unban me admins there was no reason to ban me Nickname ghost_itachi Thanks before)
  23. Hello, banned for what came out after the report on the completion of the game, three times came out and ban. Unban please. Game nickname daLuna
  24. Hello, banned for what came out after the report on the completion of the game, three times came out and ban. Unban please. Game nickname daLuna
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