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Ban: starsnemesis@wc3.theabyss.ru
Ban Details
  1. Ban ID 148668
  2. Ban Realm wc3.theabyss.ru
  3. Ban Name starsnemesis
  4. Ban Created 2019-01-11 15:04:12
  5. Banned By AUTOBAN
  6. Reason Autobanned after 16m in "IMBA #88" 4*v4 on (03:04:12 PM Friday 11-January-2019 ) Realm: iccup | RU"
  7. Expiration 2019-01-11 13:36:15
Appeal Details
Why should we unban you?

Hello, dear Ingamero. For what gave the ban to me!? Players write with a mat, can be to steam of excess words wrote, understand and forgive. Yours faithfully player of starsNEMESIS.