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Ban: kazachok7691@wc3.theabyss.ru
Ban Details
  1. Ban ID 147686
  2. Ban Realm wc3.theabyss.ru
  3. Ban Name kazachok7691
  4. Ban Created 2019-01-02 00:19:27
  5. Banned By AUTOBAN
  6. Reason Autobanned after 65m in "IMBA *394" 3v4* on (12:19:27 AM Wednesday 02-January-2019 ) Realm: iccup | UA"
  7. Expiration 2019-01-02 18:10:55
Appeal Details
Why should we unban you?

Hello that day I left the game for this reason.The game lasted abnormally long more than an hour no one could win I really wanted to sleep and got out of the game.I'm sorry about that and I apologize to my partners in the game. I've been playing DotA for over 20 years and try not to quit the game for no reason.I beg you to allow me to play on.

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