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Ban: turtle3@wc3.theabyss.ru
Ban Details
  1. Ban ID 150346
  2. Ban Realm wc3.theabyss.ru
  3. Ban Name turtle3
  4. Ban Created 2019-02-02 17:38:28
  5. Banned By AUTOBAN
  6. Reason Autobanned after 43m in "IMBA #35" 3*v2 on (05:38:28 PM Saturday 02-February-2019 ) Realm: iccup | TW"
  7. Expiration 2019-02-02 16:54:48
Appeal Details
Why should we unban you?

Dear Ingame.ro

For some reason that I am not aware of, the system says I am banned since 02Feb 5:40pm. I have played the whole day until now 03Feb 12AM midnight without violating any rules or disconnecting. I never leave the game or do anything that can have a reason for this.

Do you mind helping me find out the reason of this ban? If it's an error, please unban me.

Thank you. If you need further information, please send me an email.