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Ban: playlikeme.@ingame.go.ro
Ban Details
  1. Ban ID 149739
  2. Ban Realm ingame.go.ro
  3. Ban Name playlikeme.
  4. Ban Created 2019-01-26 15:54:53
  5. Banned By AUTOBAN
  6. Reason Autobanned after 37m in "IMBA #83" 2v4* on (03:54:53 PM Saturday 26-January-2019 ) Realm: ingame | RO"
  7. Expiration 2019-01-26 15:49:08
Appeal Details
Why should we unban you?

I do what i can to avoid break rules and sometimes I have huge lag with ultimate of rhasta  but still I am banned and I hope can someone approve my appeal because Imba games is my favorite and if I break any rule I will look again at those rules and hope to never break again. Greetings.