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    • Please help me. I was given a ban. without a reason When a game in the woods wasn’t going to the Rapier, and then it was taken away from me. why so where's the justice !! decide on rather pzh            
    • wrong topic, but if a player leaves, yes, is a ban reason.
    • they put a ban on my computer unban please
    • LOL.  Do you even bother to read the chat in the game you posted of me? Putinthegod even said "AFK TIME" in chat before he went AFK fountain sit waiting for the game to be over.   If anyone is banned it should be you for scorehacking. If you want to play in competitive games stop making new accounts to get a low score.
    • only 1 bot where admin doing what he want there is no such stupid attitude to ordinary players anywhere else no wonder there are no normal players here only fucken leaver and nabs like eco and sexylilgirlsmmm  Report on which end the answer  "- fuck us on ordinary players we are an ordinary gay circle here we exist" https://ingame.ro/Stats/Report/View/272/ 1 leave - baned https://ingame.ro/Stats/Report/View/267/ 1 leave -baned and a lot of such  https://ingame.ro/Stats/Report/View/265/ leaving in half of game kicked player and did rmk when understand that can`t win...and decision? of course answer was @No we wlln`t banning our girlfriend
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