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GProxy Issue

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I have downloaded the ingamero gproxy, but everytime I run it after correctly configuring the details, it tuned me 'logon failed - invalid password, disconnecting' (See attachment, ingamero.jpeg) , but I was 100% sure that my password was correct, because I logged into server.eurobattle.net with the same password as I put in the config file.

After tampering around with the config file a bit, I noticed that the gproxy connects through a war3.exe [my war3.exe does not have the ability to connect to bnet], but I use a w3l.exe to connect to bnet (See attachment ingamero2.jpeg).

Anyways, the tl;dr version is: Is there any way that I can change this gproxy to open my w3l.exe instead of war3.exe, because I am pretty sure when I do that that it will work?




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Yes, when I enter in the gproxy config file my war3 directory : "G:\war3 on randomhero\" , it automatically opens "G:\war3 on randomhero\war3.exe"

I DISCOVERED that it opened war3.exe after tampering with the config file by changing the path to "G:\war3 on randomhero\w3l.exe".

I DO NOT want it to open 'war3.exe' , but instead to open 'w3l.exe' SO THAT I DO NOT have gproxy throwing errors at my screen and telling me that it cannot open.

The 'w3l.exe' that I want it to open is the VALID war3 that DOES NOT have a cdkey error, but as I said your gproxy wants to open 'war3.exe' (MY INVALID WAR3).

How can I CHANGE it from opening 'war3.exe' to opening 'w3l.exe' INSTEAD? [If possible, can a fluent english+romanian speaker translate this to romanian for styla's benefit?]

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I also want to add that the first attachment contains the pathway 'G:\war3 on randomhero\' and the second attachment contains that very same pathway, with the addition of 'w3l.exe' as an experiment to see what was causing the gproxy problem that I am faced with [identified to be war3.exe, which is invalid war3].

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