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  1. Sexylilgirslmmm admin abuse

    Dreamseeka you are another one with a petty grudge against me. "Young kids with admin ruining server" How? Give examples of "admin abuse over and over?" I never kick, swap, ban or do anything (besides move to the opposite team of karakx). Styla, ask any of the regular players if they have ever seen me do anything unjust as admin and they will say no. I even stay to the end of games even though I have permission to leave as admin. Zero leaves. Karakx was the first time I have kicked a player in lobby in a week of admin (besides russian downloader). I dont want to play on same team as him because look at his mega grudge against me. This thread is an example. In the previous game I swapped MYSELF to the WORSE team (so karakx would have advantage) and he still spent all game going on about reporting me. So in the lobby what am I meant to do?
  2. Sexylilgirslmmm admin abuse

    ^Already explained it 3 times. Read first post for explanation. Stop posting the same game over and over to try make it look like it's a new game. Was first game with admin and didn't know it would autostart without balance.
  3. Sexylilgirslmmm admin abuse

    Not one other player on the server has a problem with me except for you. All the pros and the other admins are happy and never complain. Only you. I know you are jealous because I have admin
  4. Sexylilgirslmmm admin abuse

    You are posting the same game as yesterday, the one where you ASKED ME to make those teams. You asked me to swap player just to trap me so you can post here?
  5. Sexylilgirslmmm admin abuse

    Thanks, I respect the rules. I just wanted to show how funny it is that I was actually on the worse team.
  6. Sexylilgirslmmm admin abuse

    styla, I was on the team that was 3.40 xD
  7. Sexylilgirslmmm admin abuse

    Why did your team vote for rmk too? Only you didn't.
  8. Sexylilgirslmmm admin abuse

    There were 6 leavers and a desync in the first 4 minutes, and my only remaining teammate was afk sitting at fountain. Everyone wanted to rmk except for you, even your team did. I only kicked the afk (after !slap first to get his attention) to allow for rmk.
  9. Sexylilgirslmmm admin abuse

    [fener] and I had been playing 2vs2's all day against ferrochrome and bigimimi so we wanted to be on the same team together again. The game was still as balanced as possible. Please stop your one man crusade against me and let's be friends, okay?
  10. Sexylilgirslmmm admin abuse

    If anyone cares enough, read the chat log from the lobby which he left out. Karakx asked to be on same team as pirate and then asked me to swap with him, so I did. 00:15sexylilgirlsmmm happy? 00:18karakx nono 00:25karakx mewith pirate not eco with pirate 00:12karakx swap with pirate So then I swapped with pirate and started. It looks like he was trying to trap me by asking me to swap with a player just so he could post this. You are wasting styla and everyones time.
  11. Sexylilgirslmmm admin abuse

    dst, I would appreciate it if you would not make false and slanderous claims against me. Here are the scores for after the swap where he is claiming I made an unbalanced game: 00:04Bot Sentinel 4.34 3.83 3.77 3.15 3.93 Avg: 3.80 00:04Bot Scourge 4.90 3.00 3.99 3.30 3.82 Avg: 3.80 There were two new players on the same team so to promote balance I split them so there was one on each team. Thank you for your time.
  12. Sexylilgirslmmm admin abuse

    styla, this guy just has a big grudge against me. As admin I have not kicked, banned, muted or blocked anyone from lobby or in game because as admin I try and cause least interference as possible. I'm admin just to force start games when not many players are on I havent done any imbalance besides the first game when it was an accident.
  13. Sexylilgirslmmm admin abuse

    It was my first time swapping a player and I didnt know it would autostart without balance. I respect the position of admin. Thank you for understanding.