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  1. Admins rules

  2. Admins rules

    styler you respect your admin rules or just for fun they are ? i am just interested ?
  3. Sexylilgirslmmm admin abuse

    you know you 2 are anoing ? balanced unblanced ....go play and relax
  4. Sexylilgirslmmm admin abuse

    game balanced not big difference in scoores stop crying karakx lose like a man its just a game
  5. maphack suspect VIN_FRY

    aura you lose hp when inv near you
  6. Please help a Neweb out

    change server its ingame.go.ro
  7. Change map back

  8. Change map back

    Time for voting 7 days....
  9. IMBA rules [updated 07.02.2018]

    yea natural creps spawn block ?
  10. IMBA rules [updated 07.02.2018]

    Blocking spawn (wards mines ....) baned or not ????
  11. visitors are noobs :P


    1. styla


      nice song. "welcome to serbia"