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      Attention! Soon we will host only 1.26   04/19/2017

      Until blizzard build a stable patch I recommend all of you to play IMBA with warcraft 1.26 patch. Here you can find a tutorial with login details for our realm INGAME: TUTORIAL   LE  1.28.4 patch is out! we keep playing 1.26 after they finish the work.  
    • styla

      Gproxy update   05/23/2017

      Please update realm server adress:  server = ingame.go.ro     If you dont use gproxy then update the realms list, download and run :  http://ingame.ro/files/file/17-pvpgn-realms/      


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  1. change server its ingame.go.ro
  2. Time for voting 7 days....
  3. yea natural creps spawn block ?
  4. Blocking spawn (wards mines ....) baned or not ????
  5. visitors are noobs :P


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      nice song. "welcome to serbia"