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  1. Players abuses.

    From your message it is clear you read the log. But if i started posting logs of people that do VK abuse your inbox will be full and there would be no players left on your servers as they would all be banned. but somehow... im special....... and i am the lucky one to be banned and made an example of.... you don't see the number of games that notoriousnoob provokes me... so i reacted one time... and get banned.... so this is you being fair... i don't wanna see what happens when you are not.
  2. Players abuses.

    outrageous lie.... he doesnt do any "right" decision... he just hears someone cry like a bitch and bans the good players....
  3. Players abuses.

    also http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=53365 this is the game log and this player 'GKE_is_the_Best' was telling his team dont kick and was telling sylla to finish.