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  1. Unban IMBA legends players

    again warcraft crashed http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=76751
  2. maphack suspect VIN_FRY

    you didnt play and didnt watch reply, you have no proves, no moments when vin_fry hit in fog of war, no screenshots of fog clicks, should i teach you how to detect mh? click here: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=warcraft+how+to+detect+mh
  3. maphack suspect VIN_FRY

    i know him, he is using mh:) http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=76581
  4. maphack suspect VIN_FRY

    yeah, force him to use gproxy
  5. maphack suspect VIN_FRY

  6. Unban IMBA legends players

    @styla please correct your bot, i was banned because warcraft crashed : http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=76445
  7. Unban IMBA legends players

    so why do you provide admin for maryusake91? he kicked and banned without any reason again.
  8. Unban IMBA legends players

    @styla take off admin from that piece of shit he can cry and annoy, thats all http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=76362
  9. Allow dream ui

    Please allow dream_ui modification for the bot. It shows ms, hp\mp regen. Dream_UI_v5.mix
  10. Unban IMBA legends players

    why is it not allowed?
  11. ban for no reason

    why not if he is idiot?
  12. ban for no reason

  13. ban for no reason

    why is that?
  14. Unban IMBA legends players

    so the game is : http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=65937 Chat log : 54:42Bot [INFO] Player [notoriosnoob] got marked as feeder, you may votekick him. 54:42rule_breaker assisted to kill notoriosnoob 54:57rule_breaker got a double kill. 54:57rule_breaker killed c0urage 54:59futak !vk not 54:59Bot A votekick against player [notoriosnoob] has been started by player [futak]. 2 votes are needed within 60 seconds to pass. 54:59Bot Type !yes to vote. 55:15iEIite !y 55:15Bot Player [iEIite] voted to kick player [notoriosnoob]. 1 more votes are needed to pass. 55:18iEIite kick 55:22rule_breaker !y 55:22Bot A votekick against player [notoriosnoob] has passed. 55:22notoriosnoob was kicked by vote 55:22Bot notoriosnoob was kicked by vote. 1. I didnt start the vote. 2. notoriosnoob was marked as feeder, his teammate started the vote. 3 / 23 / 4 - is that acceptable ? I still think that vk was initiated against the right person and i agree that feeding enemy team should be prohibited and such players should be kicked.
  15. Unban IMBA legends players

    what ? show me please the link to that reply. i want to see it myself. anyway, the main question remains, using !vk will lead for 30 days ban ?