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  1. Unban please "impavid"

    It's the punishment for leaving a game. Why do you think you deserve an "unban" ?
  2. maphack suspect VIN_FRY

    @styla should we make it official about the scan feature?
  3. Admins rules

    Better like this to prevent abuse. Many new RU or TR play good though. I lose many times from new players
  4. Need modify Roshan for balanced game

    Or a gift, ranging from a tree branch to a sacred relic. Spawn time 5 mins
  5. Unban IMBA legends players

    http://ingame.ro/announcement/4-getting-admin-on-the-imbalod-bot/ You probably provoked him
  6. ban for no reason

    coz making more enemy, only you lose
  7. Gproxy ingame.ro

    Gproxy config is probably wrong
  8. Dota Imba legends 6.63

    You must play online and connect to one of our realm (see home page) You must pick in total of 5 skills (3 normal + 2 ulti) at the tavern in top left corner of the map, with the yellow "+" and then the hero
  9. Connecting to ingame realm

    Server is down and styler is in vacation probably
  10. proxy error

    screen shot?
  11. Please help a Neweb out

    Yes coz it says v1.26 required. Plz read. And I'm sure you didn't register an account ON server ingame.go.ro Account creation guide Replace it-ground with ingame.go.ro
  12. Will you ever make a Dota 2 version?

    Nope, no future plans. Money $$$ involves
  13. Unban IMBA legends players

    You've been accused of pausing and saving game 3+ times to mess ppl gameplay. I dont think the admins (Zerith, Dream) do everything they want
  14. DotA Imba Legends

    @Aziz Anvarov state your War3 version, server, name of hoster, your IGN PM if you need help
  15. Players abuses.

    Well said Dream. @iElite now dont vk anyone or yes to anything unless they are afk / destroy mate items / mh / lag, no matter how dick he is. Yes means agreeing the bad things with the votekicker and is the same is vking. Ex: when 4 people vk one player not FF, I don't abuse power to kick nor !y the player has the right to play and prove himself. Lot's of time we won like this, when one person doesn't lose hope It's boring to win a game to increase score without challenge. Ady_dota call me mh all the time and always blame me for bad things but I dont kick him.