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      Please update realm server adress:  server = ingame.go.ro     If you dont use gproxy then update the realms list, download and run :  http://ingame.ro/files/file/17-pvpgn-realms/      


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  1. Unban IMBA legends players

    Reason: for being an idiot? Could you please explain me what kind of a joke is this reason? @DreamSeeka With all due respect, friend but what is this reason for hmm? Would you like to be more reasonable and starts to make a validly, ban reason in feature. @Ady_Dota Please stop spamming double-post you can use "Edit Button Method Instead". Thank you!
  2. Legion TD Mega 3.5x10v3.9.w3x

    Version 1.0.0


    Legion TD Mega3.5.x10v3.9 versionThis map is maded by @HuanakImproved has been implented into this version. 10 times more creeps than the original 3.5 (B4) map.New improvements have been made in gameplay and balance.
  3. Horde Vs Alliance X3 V2h

    Version 1.0.0


    Horde Vs Alliance eX3m. This map is modified/moderated by: WooJ,Trigman Suggested players: 10 No changelogs available for this version.
  4. The following are prohibited: Do not spam chat during games. Do not flame, rage, troll, or insult other players excessively.Do not leave before the game has certainly ended, especially if no other player has left.Do not delay a game from starting by joining/leaving multiple times or otherwise.Do not lie about modes. If you intend to choose a non-default mode or if there is no known default mode, announce the mode in lobby or vote ingame/in lobby.Do not deceive players about rules in an attempt to get them banned (note, !draw is not an obligation, but a vote).Any form of votekickabuse.Do not ruin the game on purpose: Do not use a bug, or any attempt of bug usage is bannable. Do not line-steal, trying to steal your allies lane on purpose you may get kicked. Do not use any kind of malicious, software maphack, is strictly forbidden you may get banned permanent!Sincerely, your ingame.ro team.
  5. Legion TD Mega Rules!

    The following are prohibited: LTD MegaWhen picking a mode other than the default one (-hpgmcb prophet or -phgmcb), mode setter (red) must announce it in the lobby before the game starts. Every player must be informed, so they have the opportunity to leave in case of dislike.Refusing to heal.Refusing to cooperate when asked to do so several times by sending alone and not save-send with teammates to win.Refusing to build in attempt to teamkill.Do not sell value to stall time and gain an advantage on a racing level.Do not build close to your teammate without consent to steal kills.Do not juggle the king preventing him from attacking or killing units.Do not change the king's target to delay killing, except to kill higher priority targets such as sent units or low hp units.Intentionally leaving after sending as incomer to give an advantage to valuer in cross is bannable. AntistuckMust be used on your stuck units.Cannot be used on opponent team.Cannot be used to kill-steal your teammate.Cannot be used to delay or prevent units from teleporting to king with the intention to hide units or to aggro units away from king.Cannot be used on creeps and sends that are attacking the king. Sincerely, your ingame.ro staff.
  6. Players abuses.

    @Zerith Please don't make double-post you can edit your post as well. Thank you, -- Leonidas_Georgiadis
  7. Hello,I am Copy

    Welcome to ING! Enjoy your stay.