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  1. Bugs report for 6.60 BETA

    Cant play alone or 2-3 people/ Game just freezes so much/ Only Task Manager can close it
  2. Error

  3. Players abuses.

    http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=59880 Traxes mh and luna+void Ban him http://ingame.ro/openstats/?u=102302
  4. Players abuses.

    http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=59878 I was on Woolfero nickname Kicked me - saying i'm anti after test and they see that feast work and all lifesteels Ban Yakuz4 for this his idea and all enemies team kicked me
  5. Players abuses.

    http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=59877 http://ingame.ro/openstats/?u=112472 - goblins before creeps in our woods http://ingame.ro/openstats/?u=106723 - atack me in our woods before creeps
  6. Players abuses.

    http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=59591 http://ingame.ro/openstats/?u=116199 - mh http://ingame.ro/openstats/?u=8146 - 3 afk games in a row
  7. Players abuses.

    http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=59589 http://ingame.ro/openstats/?u=76513 - used klok skill before creeps in enemies forest http://ingame.ro/openstats/?u=115366 - mh
  8. Mh detect