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    Here I have to agree with Styler, other players like gangbang2... He moans after every death, that they map hacking, you get used to how some players just are, you ignore it. Every player is a person with their own traits. Just put up with it, notoriosnoob and ady_dota and soul_reaver2 are the most annoying players on IMBA, yet we still just let them play. Soul_reaver2 calls other players names always... so what. I won't lie... I used to get so pissed off with them, now I just don't care about their comments. Serb and I always greet each other by saying, 'hi mher'... It's our friendly joke. If you all just accept each other for who they are and how they play, or moan, IMBA would be so much more fun. Ozealat does have a short temper, but he just !mutes at least, does not just kick. It's sad to see the regular good players trying to get other players to !vk someone. Picture if that 'someone' was you, how would you feel if they all started to !vk you? - All you want to do is play and have fun, regardless if you are doing well that game or not. I play for fun, so does Zerith, I would take mines or hook over a cent, drow gay combo any day. So put your childish games behind you and just try 'one' game where you are there for fun, not to get angry at all. Watch how much more you enjoy the game. Thank you styler and everyone involved in IMBA, we have all put our bit into the map over time. We do it not just for ourselves, but for all the IMBA players out there. Appreciate what has been created out of love for all of you. Why do you think my buddy Stefan (mylifebelike) left? He worked his off with me on many maps. No1 says thank you, they just moan and moan about this bug or that bug. Anyways, enjoy the game friends. DS
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    Kick, unfortunately I do not have a screenshot at this time but I can try to explain to you. When the game starts your screen would be centered to the top right of the map. There you would find multiple taverns with random heroes you can pick from for said game. When clicking on a hero, the hero's skill will get displayed, you select a skill by pressing on the "+" sign. In order to complete the picking of skills you are required to pick 3 normal skills and 2 ultimate skills where after you can select the hero model. I hope this helps.
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    I have played many games with Ady and I have to agree with all your complaining about him, but I don't think we need to ban him, the only punishment he needs to get is mute for 20 games so he can learn not to talk too much trash in a game, on the other side he is at least not a rule breaker or leaver, he just doesn't really know what 'ANTI' is and, he needs to work harder on his English so we can all understand what he is talking about.
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    Version 4.02


    Gproxy used by ingame.ro players. This version use extended protocol by h3rmit.
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    If you are banned here you can req. an unban. 1. Before you post check the BAN list . 2. If you are banned put a link with your last GAME. Here is an example with a game link: http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=67165To know: a) Players who ask unban for this gproxy error : Player was unrecoverably dropped from GProxy++ will be ignorated. this message mean: w3/grpoxy was closed (with endtask). b) Players from garena must know : bot will show slots maxim 10/12 and never 12/12. So, if game is full they cant join (but arent banned). c) AFK is a valid reason to be banned. d) Players from garena if they are disconected from rooms (they are players with numbers nicknames instead of curent nickname) they can join in bot. To solve this issue go and restart the garena client. If you are banned for MH, don't try to lie. We really can detect in 97% of cases!
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    works like a clock now thanks for fast reupload
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    Version 6.63r2


    Know issues: - some combinations of skills can't be picked (and are not forbidden combinations). - new heroes skills aren't balanced - 1.28 issues with Motred, Medusa. Troll and Roshan (hero). or active items like Midas, Satanic or Wards Mixing both protocols will result more desyncs. Advice. Moving to 1.26 protocol will result games without desyncs/Enconn errors.
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    Time for voting 7 days....
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    You've been accused of pausing and saving game 3+ times to mess ppl gameplay. I dont think the admins (Zerith, Dream) do everything they want
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    @Aziz Anvarov state your War3 version, server, name of hoster, your IGN PM if you need help
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    Added lots of supports for Spire. Need testers. For each Spire equiped, damage, aoe and stun duration is increased : Kunkka Torrent, ghost ship -- OK Undying Tombtone -- OK -- need improvement Bane Fiend Grip -- OK Lina dragon slave, light strike -- dragon slave broken, skill is not launched, no animation, light strike not work Prophet ulti -- OK Enigma ulti, Midnight pulse -- ulti is broken it stopped right after like 0.5s Rylai Crystal Nova -- OK Earth Fissure -- OK Warlock Golems -- OK Nerub stun Dragon knight Breathe Fire Jakiro Dual Breath, Ice Path and ulti -- OK Dual Breath Puck Illusory Orb and Waning Rift -- OK Illusory Orb Ogre Magi Fire blast, Multi Cast (missing) ? -- Fire blast OK Tinker Lazer -- OK Sven Storm Hammer -- NOT WORK Tiny Avalanche (1st) Omiknight Purification -- OK Vengeful Magic Missile Lion Earth Spike, Hex -- OK earth spike Rhasta Ether Shock, Hex, Mass Serpent Ward -- OK Mass Serpent Ward Ezalor Illuminate (reduce channel time by 2 in the beginnning and for each spire add range and damage) Luna Lucent Beam - OK Mirana Starfall -- OK Kunkka Torrent -- OK 2nd dev ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Assassinate now follows spell damage amplification rules Dark Seer ion shell : x2/spire Undying Tombtone -- Zombie is still too weak, add +50% AS/Spire and spawn speed divide by 2 each spire. Spawn speed 2.3 zombie/s if 6 Spire Ezalor Illuminate -- infinite channeling time as well as damage. 200 dmg/s at level 4 Enigma ulti -- no longer channeling, work as free disable like Naga ulti Oblivion Nether Blast : x2/spire, now supports spell amplifiers Midnight pulse : Damage increase by 150% per pulse. Ex if each pulse enemy lose 12% hp => 12*150% = 18%. This is a percent damage Phoenix ember : x2/spire Rocket Flare (landing aoe dmg) now supports spell amplify Multicast is now available for pick, works only for ogre's skillset right now Yellow = need tester Working state as of 28/01/2017 Reminder for each Spire: - direct dmg skill => x2 (200%) - continous dmg over time => x2 - percent hp/mp damage => x1.5 (150%) - increase AOE if possible => x1.5 - increase stun/lock/disable duration by 0.5s each if possible
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    in this link is someone who played with nick Harmec in febr. 2013 http://prntscr.com/d2guo5 , probably you but with wrong country (DB error). Second link its you in other month. The stats works like that: in every new mounth we have a new top so a new entry in database. This is the reason for score '3' for all players when new month begin, but only 1 game. Then TOTAL stats are counted and generate your skill when game are balanced in lobby.
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    I work with Cisco Engineers and I help manage an ISP.
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    Make stats STR/AGI/INT more beneficial for heroes - STR : boost HP regen, reduce skill cooldown -> most of the case the STR hero role is to tank and use skill to support - INT : boost magic spell damage and increase spell resistance -> it's impossible to play when Wind one shot another Int with just one Spire - AGI : gain the effect of critical strike of all time and each 10 agi add 1% of critical strike to the attack (stack with other crit spell) => Each point of stat increase the effect of ... by ... % --------------------------------------- Survival rule : INT > AGI > STR > INT - INT stronger than AGI : High spell damage kill low HP - AGI stronger STR : While STR has high HP, he cannot kill AGI because low damage against strong armor and bigger damage - STR stronger INT : High HP and regen make the spell become weak The only effect boosted is the class of hero (str/agi/int hero) ----------------------------------------- Effects - If a skill doesn't have imba effect and it's a damage spell, increase base spell damage by 2 - If a skill doesn't have imba effect and it's a status spell (silence), increase AoE by 3 and duration by 1 for each skill level - If run out of idea, simply add the spell damage according to the STR or INT if it's a spell of STR or INT hero - Spire: support more skills - Furion: remove the arrival teleport effect (2nd) and gain a short invisibility after arriving - Diffusal blade: gain the ability of removing all kind of buffs, including Refraction - Manta Style: now double the number of images and images gain damage reduction instead of damage taken - Assault Cuirass: reduce armor by 100% instead of 80% and increase slow aoe by 10% - Hood of Defiance: Increase the effect of magic resistance and for the upgraded item increase the damage it can sustain ------------------------------------------ - The last tower defense still too weak - Increase re-spawn rate, make a constant time from level 30 and above. The point of imba is to see which side is stronger. Not taking advantage of enemy who take 1min30 to respawn to destroy tree to win. - Make Tree eyes a different shape, more visible in Scourge, because it makes eyes explodes when searching for it compare to Sentinel (need to make both side balance) - Able to repick bonus Buff - More item, upgraded item like in LoD in fountain
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    First you need to download the realm.reg to register list of realms http://ingame.ro/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=209 Execute it. Then you can start to launch War3. IMPORTANT: Realms are no longer accessible with patch 1.27b, you must return to patch 1.27a or 1.26 in order to create account Register account through the game and not from their/our web 1. Launch the game using w3l.exe 2. Choose a gateway then login to bnet. This step needs to be done only once 3. Create account and follow whatever instruction that follows : username/pw/email, etc 4. Scroll down in order to valid the agreement then start creating account. Then you can play immediately or use ingame gproxy to play 5. You need to login for the first time the normal way, without gproxy first because the server will ask you to register your email. Then you can configure your gproxy realms and version etc.. w3l.exe
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    Note: you need to download vcredist_arm if your PC use a ARM processor instead of Intel or AMD. Install both version x86 and x64 to be sure. (download 2 times, can't dl both files at once) And if your PC is really outdated. This will fix some missing DLL Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable (x64) : https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=14632 Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable (x64) : https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=15336 Error list : The program can't start because MSVCR120.dll (or msvcr140.dll) is missing from your computer => Make sure to install Visual C++ x86 bit, and older version of VC++ There was an error patching w3.exe (unable to read memory). Make sure you are using version... => Use the new eurobattle launcher called "xpam.exe" The procedure entry point ... could not be located ... => your windows is not up to date (win 7 pre-SP1), you will have to put UCRT libraries in the same folder as installer/client to be able to run them. http://warden.eurobattle.net/downloads/file/23 Now everything will be launched from the shortcut Eurobattle.net, forget the old launcher and gproxy Make sure to launch using Gproxy Gateway Before launching, go to Gproxy tab and configure sounds (blue=check, white=uncheck) Using OpenGL will probably improve your graphic performance (need check) Make sure that that W3 path folder is correct by clicking on "Change W3 Path" and set to the correct path otherwise you'll have a disconnection problem
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    I just played an imba dota game on the ingame bot and then happened to verse a guy called "ady_dota". I just noticed that other players had the same issues as I have with this person (they posted in this thread as well). So to stop myself from repeating what was said about ady, I will attach the relevant replay as proof of these claims against him. ady_dota abuse.w3g
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    its ok, mino.tott ban deleted. keep using ingame gproxy.
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    funny, i saved one time and it didnt even complete saving before i got kicked...
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    i have addition to this, ady_dota deserves to be banned himself. I've just played a game and he talks trash, threatens with ban everytime when he is not right and cant prove it wrong! We were playing and he started to write that im anti, despite that i told him slardars essence worked on me, but slardar left and we ended up bringing leaver to rosh and test me and guess what? i was NOT anti. Soni4 was in the game as well, he saw and he was in the same team with ady_dota. But he(ady) kept saying im anti and his lifestael is not working, and i told him i have craggy, he needs to be able to hit me through in order to steal life. Long story short, im banned just because he couldnt win the game, kicked/banned meand won the game i would guess! Fair game by admin? I dont know how old is he but he clearly dont understand what "admin" stands for and whats the duty! He thinks its a privilege against others and he can do whatever he wants!
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    Dugnas if you need to leave for an emergency ask to be kicked by an admin or by votekick. Don't just blatantly leave a game. Unbanned.
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    Zerith, Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We look forward to improving the imba map with your donation. Thanks ingame
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    with this donation has fixed: Fixed multiboard (scourge picked spells) Fixed Necromastery pickup icon Fixed banned comboes Overpower no longer allows to pick ranged unit Focus fire + splitshot are banned Weaver ulti + Lunar blessing are banned Fixed Bladefury lagging berserker rage: stay to much to transform (3 seconds) - fixed mah hack detectors, invulnerability added(can t farm abuse )
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    Player GCX02D has been banned for 3days.
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    In the new map we have a new picking system, if you pick a wrong skill you can delete it and take other. Also you can repick hero too. Rules will be story soon, read the printed mesaje in this screen

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    Version 1.0.0


    Legion TD Mega3.5.x10v3.9 versionThis map is maded by @HuanakImproved has been implented into this version. 10 times more creeps than the original 3.5 (B4) map.New improvements have been made in gameplay and balance.
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    As you may or may not know yet, we have coders who work on the map atm : new heroes, fix bug. So we are gathering the money to give to the coders. There are 8 more heroes left to be added, that make at least 40$. So for all the imba lovers that play it like everyday, every hour, would you just give up only one fast-food meal a month to have a new hero and fix bugs of the game you love? The admins can't invest alone, we need cooperation. Just take a little moment and think about it. To donate you can donate the coders directly (pm styler or me for more info) or via the interface of this site. Either way, make a print shot of your donation and pm us so we can keep track who donated and the amount.
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    Version 6.5e1


    this version have lot of bugs(amh not work, crashes) and is not easy to fix them. A new map are in out whith fixes and new heroes/items, If you want to help hit for the donate bar on the forum.
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    right now is not needed an admin there are few games. we need someone who know to do a ssh tunnel. then we need more admins
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    Welcome all to the new forum! thanks to flyangel for helping!