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  1. Yesterday
  2. Unban IMBA legends players

    again warcraft crashed http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=76751
  3. Gproxy ingame.ro

    tutorial here: Gproxy guide
  4. Unban IMBA legends players

    ok, unbanned
  5. Last week
  6. Gproxy ingame.ro

    You can't join from Garena. Try ingame realm.
  7. Gproxy ingame.ro

    how to install the program
  8. Unban IMBA legends players

    after that game i have played another one on trax, but its gone
  9. Unban IMBA legends players

    Styla can u unban me. reason leave lol http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=76696
  10. I can say 100% that this Gproxy works. I just joined now..14/02/2018 GG and have fun.
  11. Unban please "impavid"

    It's the punishment for leaving a game. Why do you think you deserve an "unban" ?
  12. Unban please "impavid"

    Please unban me. About Ban: Username: impavid Game :Imbalod 822 Reason: Autobanned after 22 min imbaLOD822 11.31.38 pm 12 february 2018
  13. Make an acount to INGAME realm

    1. Download realms list from here: Realms.reg [UPDATED 23 May 2017] and run it and click Yes and OK. 2. Open warcraft 3 [w3l.exe] and go to INGAME realm: 3. Create New Account: Scar1992 with your password. Then login to realm to verify if is it correct. Now you can close warcraft 3.
  14. maphack suspect VIN_FRY

    @styla should we make it official about the scan feature?
  15. maphack suspect VIN_FRY

    you didnt play and didnt watch reply, you have no proves, no moments when vin_fry hit in fog of war, no screenshots of fog clicks, should i teach you how to detect mh? click here: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=warcraft+how+to+detect+mh
  16. Earlier
  17. maphack suspect VIN_FRY

    Just watch replay i put wards to check hes movement:) he was goin for players who was solo in begin when he got no items in the woods and prob no wards cause he never put .I didnt really play on this match to see what he do.
  18. maphack suspect VIN_FRY

    i know him, he is using mh:) http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=76581
  19. Unban IMBA legends players

    yes i am hunlu i download gproxy and i try to upgrade patch 1,28 but i got error " could not start war3.exe make sure the loader is in your warcraft3 install directory " how can i fix this
  20. Unban IMBA legends players

    @icon i can't @Bilal Uzun are u hunlu? eco fpg 'ed you. Thats mean you must play like SYB. Download and install our gproxy client and configure for wepla server. If u have any issue I will help you, just write in gproxy forums or PM me.
  21. maphack suspect VIN_FRY

    fgp is not only per game vin_fry is clean and a skilled player.
  22. maphack suspect VIN_FRY

    I post lat match 60 killz 3 death with 0 noob players on enemy team:)) was testin hes movement with wards so plz watch replay and if no wards on him ban him or atleast change fgp command for everytime forceing, Thanks!!! vin_fry.bmp
  23. maphack suspect VIN_FRY

    Hahaha this FGP not works only for 1 match, i realized after he got forced used it on 1 match - he didnt rule or anything, after that match he disapired from gproxy chat he was again on the normal warcraf what i supose have MH integrated, so he probably have 2 warcrafts it's so simple if u fgp him he use on 1 match after he can come b to normal, so my opinion is that who is forced to use gproxy should be forced for ever. I mean host should remember name and autocast FGP everytime he join.
  24. Unban IMBA legends players

    http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=76541#gamelog after this game i could not play the game i guess i got kicked because of i killed many times karakx he blames me for using maphack but i never did we have blood thirst lanaya trap also i put wards on the hills in game you will be justify to me when you watch replay Admin hunlu
  25. Unban Please.

    unbanned, next time post in "UNBAN" topic please.
  26. Unban Please.

    Today,my computer shuted down cause off electrics gone.And ı ve banned from imbalod,please unban my acc.This is only enjoy for me.Acc name is : Sakurmu
  27. maphack suspect VIN_FRY

    aura you lose hp when inv near you
  28. maphack suspect VIN_FRY

    yeah, force him to use gproxy
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