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    • styla

      Gproxy update   05/23/2017

      Please update realm server adress:  server = ingame.go.ro     If you dont use gproxy then update the realms list, download and run :  http://ingame.ro/files/file/17-pvpgn-realms/      

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  4. HI Styla can you please fix for us, we can't log in with ingame realm again


    1. styla


      seems it work now

  5. Earlier
  6. Unban IMBA legends players

    http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=73790 Hello. Could you please unban me. I saved a game 1:30 before start because i choose skills and hero but there was no hero. It happened twice and this time i saved it. Please unban.
  7. where all the imba players?

    if i am not wrong they have a W'up group, somewhere in the forum are a topic about ..
  8. where all the imba players?

    Hi Arch, nice to see you back, I played only two games since the bot back, had been really busy for the past month.
  9. where all the imba players?

    Hey Styla Could you e-mail some of the regulars like revex/dreamseeka/ozealat and tell them that the server is up plz?
  10. where all the imba players?

  11. where all the imba players?

    rofl not 1 game today server is up, where are the players?
  12. PVPGN Loader 1.28.5

    Version 1.28.5


    Pvpgn loader for 1.28.5 patch.
  13. Update: 03.10.2017: Starting today our realm ingame.go.ro accepts only 1.26 to avoid desyncs as far as possible. Update: 30.09.2017: It seems that all the realms are aligned to the last official blizzard version 1.28.5 which means we accept this version, but more stable is 1.26(no desyncs). Here is the easy way to update/install to the last version : http://eurobattle.net/threads/207104-Server-updated-to-W3-1-28-5 As before, we recommend the version 1.26.
  14. Connecting to ingame realm

    Server is down and styler is in vacation probably
  15. Connecting to ingame realm

    Hi Guys I have patched war3 to version 1.26a and downloaded the latest gproxy 3.06 and the 1.26a w3l.exe. when I try to connect to ingame realm to register a username, it says unable to connect to bnet, invalid server etc. I am able to connect to all the other servers, eurobattle, playground.ru etc. Please help.
  16. proxy error

    update ingame.go.ro at realm name.
  17. proxy error

    i was fix it... change server... XD
  18. proxy error

  19. proxy error

  20. proxy error

    screen shot?
  21. proxy error


    doesnt show any active ban for me so maybe it expired...but as i found your account in stats section you have 4 games and you left last 2 games...so that is probably what you were banned for leaving unfinished games

  24. Unban IMBA legends players

    Hi Sir/madam, I apologise for leaving a game, could i please be unbanned i love playing your hosted games, and i just started playing again in a long time. There was messages in game that a person was using map hack and players left, did not want to continue due to this, however it will never happen again http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=73003
  25. Unban IMBA legends players

    pls unban me i got w3 fatal error same as scorpik http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=72999
  26. Unban IMBA legends players

    we all got banned after w3error so i guess i request unban for everyone in that game... http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=71256 edit : ok somehow we got unbanned after few minutes at least in my cause...so delete the post pls
  27. Version 1.0.0


    This is game.dll allows the creation of maps with more than 8 mb size. Enjoy (Map size in warcraft III more 8 MB) INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: Before proceeding, create a backup of your original game.dll file. 1. Download – Game.dll 2. Copy and paste and replace file game.dll on your Warcraft III folder 3. Done. IMPORTANT NOTE(S): > You can join other host with this patch. > They cant join your host unless they have the same game.dll as you have.
  28. Players abuses.

    Banned scorpik >>> http://parser.rankedgaming.com//replay.php?replay=1497985810 << Replay building produced 3 are hack zoomhack enable / disable are scorpik click 66 ? to sinper invizibil .... No ward , no ward invizbil Time Full hacked ! scorpik Banned !!!!!!!!!!!! cheats ! proxy Disable http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=70474 scorpik Mass Botters/Exploiters, Runs ! Full vision !
  29. Hi Styla

    I have just made a donation of $10 but why does it show as 'offline donation' ? Please fix the bot for us to join game :)

    1. styla


      Thank you oze, i try my best

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