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      Attention! Soon we will host only 1.26   04/19/2017

      Until blizzard build a stable patch I recommend all of you to play IMBA with warcraft 1.26 patch. Here you can find a tutorial with login details for our realm INGAME: TUTORIAL  

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  3. unbaned
  4. Please uban me, i had to got out of the game in that moment. http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=68103
  5. Earlier
  6. test
  7. please unban _DeadLine )
  8. k. unbanned
  9. please unban Podfuck_jn player: http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=67687 game: http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=67687 reason for leave: 5 v 2 game in 4 mins. Message said that the game will end in 10 seconds..
  10. next time read first post: 1. Before you post check the BAN list http://ingame.ro/openstats/?bans 2. If you are banned put a link with your last GAME. Here is an example with a game link: http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=67165 you aren.t banned...
  11. Please unban me. my nick AHTuHeuTpuHo
  12. unbanned
  13. http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=67298 I guess i am banned for leaving the game, but i saw dream leaving and i tought if he does this it is no banable. I wrote !ff and left. I am sorry, please unban
  14. UPDATE: write in chat !ru and rules will be printed in russian.
  15. ok you dont need the fog clicker because map already have it.
  16. Styla, can you unban me. I got banned for Unreakfogclickwatcher, lol,
  17. Lets go step by step: 1. Download realms list from here: Realms.reg [UPDATED 23 May 2017] and run it and click Yes and OK. 2. Open warcraft 3 [w3l.exe] and go to INGAME realm: 3. Create New Account: Scar1992 with your secret password. Then login to realm to verify is it correct. Now you can close warcraft 3. 4. Download recently updated gproxy from here: Gproxy I recommand to use gproxy version 1.26 and warcraft 3 version 1.26. and now open gproxy.cfg Update your warcraft 3 installation path: For example, in my case is D:\Warcraft III\ You change it like you have it in your PC. 5. Now update your registred username Scar1992 and password like you 'Created new account' at 3. 6. Now start gproxy.exe, go to LAN and wait 30 seconds to see the imba game. In LAN use same username like you registred Scar1992, otherwise you will be disconnected after map is loading. Info: If you have a router forward port 6325. Advantages: Now you are safelisted (you can join when lobby is full) and you can't be droped when an admin join in a full lobby. Disconnect protection in case if your network or router is restarted. Auto spoof check when join in lobby and you will recieve curent game/s status. No more MH acusation because is easy to check.
  18. Version 3.0.0


    Registry file to update Battle.net with PVPGN realms. How to install realms: Download file and run it. Note. If you join into Offical realms or Playground realm, the realm list will be reset and you must run registry file again.
  19. Considering the update to newest patch is a wrong move, like all forums sayd and specifically the map makers, I propose to login from INGAME realm to play LODI with 1.26 patch. Also admins commands will work fine. The private communities like RGP or w3arena are on 1.26. Map developers DO NOT support 1.27b until Blizzard will not fix their shitty updates (they messed up core engine with latest patches) Steps to connect to INGAME realm: 1. With w3 turned off, download attached realms registry and run it to add the realms in warcraft 3 battle.net gateway. Now INGAME realm is default gateway. 2. Update: Don't install 1.27b, its bugged! For those who are lazzy to switch back to 1.26, here is it the 1.27b loader for the case when they will fix the current patch. I recommend you have two versions of w3, i mean 2 folders, 1 for 1.26 and 1 for 1.27b. 3. Start w3 from w3l.exe, create a new account in INGAME realm, login and go play IMBA 4. After account is created Gproxy players must update the server in gproxy.cfg: server = ingame.asuscomm.com war3version = 26 That's all.
  20. Axe's passive is weak again.
  21. Version 1.27b


    Pvpgn loader for 1.27b patch.
  22. Axe's passive is too imba allow ro pick range hero with stels assasin, leoric and abbas' ulties ( in one game my opponent had picked intelligence skills with riki' s ulti but he can't choose range hero intelligence because he didn't have melee hero) . My favorite combo skills ( greed ulti with nether toxin) I can't pick them =(. what about Rosh, why its not dies on bm. Ex. You have reached 30 lvl and you want to kill him but you can't ( he always casts). But passive necro skill at 4 lvl can kill him. It's not fair. I mean when you kill Rosh with bm you will pay for it with your life ( except Leo and omni)
  23. Time for voting 7 days....
  24. he can block spam only in enemy forest. one more thing: If a player refuse to 'tether' an allied hero is not antigame.
  25. yea natural creps spawn block ?
  26. you mean neutral creeps?
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