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    Map upgraded : Need tester http://ingame.ro/index.php?/topic/67-new-map-changes/
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      As you may or may not know yet we have coders who work on the map atm : new heroes, fix bug

      So for all the imba lovers that play it like everyday, every hour, would you just give up only one fast-food meal a month to have a new hero and fix bugs of the game you love? The admins can't invest alone, we need cooperation. Just take a little moment and think about it.

      $75.00 of $200.00 goal reached.
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      • Seems you think you can foulish me.  i wont turn in circle to spend my time. End of discussion. P.S.  Joining with dream_ai.mix file will ban till 6 mounts.
      • so the game is : http://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=65937   Chat log :   54:42Bot [INFO] Player [notoriosnoob] got marked as feeder, you may votekick him. 54:42rule_breaker assisted to kill notoriosnoob 54:57rule_breaker got a double kill. 54:57rule_breaker killed c0urage 54:59futak !vk not 54:59Bot A votekick against player [notoriosnoob] has been started by player [futak]. 2 votes are needed within 60 seconds to pass. 54:59Bot Type !yes to vote. 55:15iEIite !y 55:15Bot Player [iEIite] voted to kick player [notoriosnoob]. 1 more votes are needed to pass. 55:18iEIite kick 55:22rule_breaker !y 55:22Bot A votekick against player [notoriosnoob] has passed. 55:22notoriosnoob was kicked by vote 55:22Bot notoriosnoob was kicked by vote. 1. I didnt start the vote. 2. notoriosnoob was marked as feeder, his teammate started the vote. 3 / 23 / 4 - is that acceptable ? I still think that vk was initiated against the right person and i agree that feeding enemy team should be prohibited and such players should be kicked.  
      • see this depends who made the mistake. i judge this.
      • what ? show me please the link to that reply. i want to see it myself. anyway, the main question remains, using !vk will lead for 30 days ban ?
      • i saw the replay, if you try to foul me, we never deal. you used vk because he's spell 'repatriation' stop you to push. 
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