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    • New map

      As you may or may not know yet we have coders who work on the map atm : new heroes, fix bug

      So for all the imba lovers that play it like everyday, every hour, would you just give up only one fast-food meal a month to have a new hero and fix bugs of the game you love? The admins can't invest alone, we need cooperation. Just take a little moment and think about it.

      $65.00 of $100.00 goal reached.
      Donate Now
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      • вход
        не могу зайти в игру, изза прокси... на Итграунд не конектит прокси сервер... что делать ?
      • Anti Game Variations
        Anti Game is a pretty serious thing in my opinion. Many ways of being Anti-Game, from preventing spawns to destroying team mates items. I would like to clarify with the rest of you out there, verbally abusing another player is Anti-Game. I don't mean as in swearing, but as in putting the other player down. Don't have cocky remarks. Keep your nasty opinions to yourself, those words have implications on others. I ignore it a lot, but eventually mute. But if I see it consistently in a couple of games in a row, I'm gonna remove you from the game. Play Nice, Play Fair!   We all here for fun, don't be a dick.   DS
      • A question
        Thank you alot i just realized it , but thanks alot for your time dear zerith
      • A question
        Kick, unfortunately I do not have a screenshot at this time but I can try to explain to you. When the game starts your screen would be centered to the top right of the map. There you would find multiple taverns with random heroes you can pick from for said game. When clicking on a hero, the hero's skill will get displayed, you select a skill by pressing on the "+" sign. In order to complete the picking of skills you are required to pick 3 normal skills and 2 ultimate skills where after you can select the hero model.   I hope this helps.
      • A question
        Hello everyone i would like to say the map is awesome but i'm facing an issue how to pick the hero exactly can someone post screenshot?  
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